How to Smash Your Interview and Get the Job You Really Want!

Are you ready for a new challenge?

You’ve seen your next job, you want to go for it BUT you’re put off by the interview process?

We see this SO often in our work. Amazing women who KNOW that they can do a job but don’t know if they can get through the interview.

The good news is, turbo charging your interview performance is 100% learnable. 

WARNING The wisdom in this blog can seriously increase your chance of success at interview!

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How To get Visible Without Feeling Like a Fraud

Fed up with your great work not being noticed? Want to raise your profile without getting people’s back up?

SPOILER ALERT…. your good work does not speak for itself. Why not? People are bombarded by a million other things. This gets in the way of them seeing your work / hearing your voice / noticing your contribution. Learning to get visible and get out of your comfort zone are MUST HAVE skills in today’s world. And… we get that this stuff isn't easy for many women – we’ve been there! 

Read on for tips on how to get visible and have a greater voice in ways that feel natural and authentic to YOU.

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How To Get Out Of a Rut and Make Your Life HAPPIER

Women’s levels of happiness are on the decline. For International Happiness Day 2019 we’re exploring what makes you happy? Do you believe you can have more happiness in your life? Why we believe it’s essential that women connect with their happiness and wellbeing, especially in these tumultuous times. Sharing top tips and simple changes that you can make to live a happier life, whatever your circumstances.

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Working Woman's Guide to Fear

If you sense that you have more inside you than you are currently sharing with the world... 

If you’ve always wanted to EXPAND your impact but feel held back by fear and doubt...

Then this is for you!

The topic of FEAR comes up again and again in our coaching with 100s of senior women, and we’re sharing powerful, tried-and-tested insights that will change your leadership and your life.

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The Challenge of Authenticity

We aspire to be authentic leaders, but authenticity has some serious challenges. There is an inbuilt tension between ‘adaptability’ and ‘consistency’. How do we hold a sense of who we are, in a way that honors what we deeply value, whilst also creating space to grow, adapt and expand into who we can become?

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