Working Woman's Guide to COURAGE

‘Courage is knowing what not to fear’ – Plato

Last blog we talked about FEAR So here’s Part 2 - Accessing your COURAGE

COURAGE is the decision to act, even despite of fear and even although we are afraid. It is the choice to see the bigger picture, connect with our deeper calling or sense of service or creativity, and get out of our own way.

Fear can stop you. Fear can keep you playing small. Courage can help you take the next small step.

Each time we take the next small step we realise we didn’t die, we build momentum, our courage builds, and we see what the next small step is. 

Do you know that you can tune into your inner COURAGE any time, anywhere. She is otherwise known as your inner mentor. Our inner mentor is the voice inside us that encourages and supports us – she is the wisest, most compassionate, most free version of ourselves. By learning to dial up her voice we can access her wisdom more often, and this helps us quieten our fears.

See last month’s blog for specific strategies for moving through fear.

So how do we move through fear into courage?

When we feel fear, our courage asks us to self-care, to self-equip, and to take bold action.

SO when you feel that expansive, tingly tummy, standing-on-the-edge-of-my-greatness fear, ask yourself:

1.What do I need: how can I self-care right now? How can I sustain my resilience through this time of stepping up to new things – what can I do right now to show care and love to myself?

2.Where do I need to upskill: how can I equip myself to meet this new challenge, how do I stay in learning mode?

3.What is my next step: what is my next small bold step to keep momentum, to stay energized, stay on track and not get derailed by fear? 


Coaching prompts:

  • What helps you access your COURAGE?

  • What aspects of self-care will sustain you as you move through fear to access your courage? what can you do right now to show care and love to yourself?

  • What areas can you upskill to equip you to meet your new challenges? How can you stay in learning mode?

  • Are there particular people who help you to feel less afraid who encourage you and cheerlead you to stand in your courage?

  • What is your next small bold step to keep momentum, to stay energized, stay on track and not get derailed by fear?

  • Which of our top tips above are you going to use when you next experience fear, and want to access more of your awesome courage?


Further resources:

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway - How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action, Susan Jeffers 

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Playing Big, Tara Mohr

Make Peace with Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You From Your Inner Critic, Mark Coleman


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