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Welcome to Catalyst Collective

We’re on a mission to create a more inclusive world - join us!


Our Purpose

We exist to provide resources, consultancy and support to create more inclusive workplaces. We equip your organisation with tools, skills and mindset shifts to co-create a more inclusive workplace, where everyone can thrive and feel they belong. 

We equip talented women to step up in their leadership, navigate the systems they’re in, without burning out. 

 We work with Diversity and Inclusion leaders to step into your influence as internal change agents, sustain momentum and see through the culture change you dream of. 

 We support senior men and senior teams to engage in the D+I conversation, shift mindsets and create space at the table. 

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where workplaces are diverse, dynamic and thriving, where all people can bring their best, enjoy their work and live balanced lives. We see a world where marginalised experiences and wisdom are centred. 

Our Team

We collaborate with a phenomenal team of diverse women and men (Including Catalyst Collective’s Co-Founder and all-round awesome Fi Smith!) Each one is skilled in supporting you 1-1 and equipping your organisation for transformational change.  

Katy Murray, Co-Founder

Katy Murray

Katy Murray

Facilitator, culture-shaper, and OD Geek.

20 years' experience leading teams, facilitating change and developing leaders, with commercial and non-profit clients in 35 countries.

Masters in Individual and Organisational Development from Westminster University, and Masters in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University.

INLPTA qualified coach.

Systemic thinker and See-er of the bigger picture. Bringer of challenge, elevated thinking and gentle mischief.  

Conference speaker and convenor. Writer. Award-winning programme designer.  

Showing up in service of your expansion and brilliance. Holding a safe and brave space for you to grow and thrive. Unpacking my own white privelege. Still curious about what really helps organisations shift on diversity and inclusion.

Happy to travel the world, happy to be home. Happiest enjoying outdoor adventures with my kids and making granola on rainier days (we live in the UK’s Lake District, so that’s a lot of granola).

Wisdom seeker. Inspiration sharer. Desiring to live a bright, abundant life in all its fullness.

More introverted than I think I am 😊

Some of our clients

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Our Values

We value:

Inclusivity: Aware of our own privilege and bias, we choose to centre a diverse range of lived experiences. We take an intersectional approach in our offerings, seeking out perspectives and wisdom from a diverse range of people and sources. We see your individuality and potential, we also acknowledge the systems you’re operating within. We choose to hold space for these conversations and invite you into them.

(We’re always learning here. Please call us in where we can do better.) 

Curiosity: Diversity and inclusion work can create defensiveness. We aim to choose curiosity over judgement. We stay curious about our own biases and barriers and encourage conversations that stay curious. 

Kindness: We’re compassionate but not colluding. We hold a safe and brave space for your growth and development. Our kindness may mean that we confront you at times, as part of activating you into your best future self. 

Cheering you on:We believe in your potential, your ambition, your talent - the world needs it! We’re cheering you on to step up into your fully expansive leadership. 

Collaboration over competition: Let’s take up space together and create more room for others together. If you see an opportunity to collaborate, let us know!

Small Steps: We share practical plus research-based wisdom. All the practices we teach are tried-and-tested in our own lives, and work with 100s of leaders 1-1, and 100s of organisations across multiple sectors and cultures. We know that deep, real, lasting change happens over time, with consistent intentional practice. We provide simple and powerful resources, prompts and nudges which will create transformations when you consistently apply them over time. 

Playfulness: Life can be painful and we all face adversity. Shifting the dial on diversity and inclusion can be complex, messy, lonely work. We choose to nurture friendships, lean into community, spot beauty, find joy, choose hope, live life in all its fullness.  

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