She Believed She Could So She Did

I’m not from the 'manifesting' school of thought which says you can have whatever you want, and if you don’t have what you want, it’s your attitude that needs to change.


There are unjust and oppressive systems and structures that affect peoples’ lived experiences, realities, expectations and outcomes. We are deeply interconnected as humans and my freedom is ultimately intertwined with yours.


This quote speaks to me of:


and the

✨power (and privilege ) that I DO have

Let me share a story with you ...

✨2 years ago I lived with a strong and weird sense of wanting to write but not knowing what I had to say or wanted to say. I didn’t write anything. This strange tension bubbled up like a physical pressure in my chest and throat for many months.

✨I woke up one winter morning with a clear question - ‘who are you waiting for to give you permission ...?’

✨And a clear insight - ‘you are a writer’

✨That evening I sat by the fire, opened a new doc on my laptop, and typed 3500 words.

✨Since then the words have kept coming week after week, and from that hugely generative Space has flowed a regular letter and blog, a new business partnership, new focus, new brand, new offers .... wow!

✨The words ‘she believed she could so she did’ hold a space of possibility and a release of creativity for me that is enabling me to keep on keeping on through the pain of transition and shifting relationships, through the inevitable fear, doubt and being stretched beyond what I thought possible.

✨So ..... what about you?

✨What do you have bubbling up inside you ... an idea ... a change ... an improvement ... an expression ... a cause ... a business ... a movement ...?

✨What do you believe about yourself and this thinking?

✨Do you believe you CAN?

✨How about just holding it lightly for a moment ... you CAN

✨From that place of ‘I can’ what does a first small bold action look like for you...?

✨This takes huge courage, it takes a mindset that supports and resources you, your inner critic will screech loud, you’ll need to access your growth mindset and your inner mentor to support and resource you and all of this is hard to do alone.

✨Want some company?

✨Fi and I designed and created Confidence Cocktail for women just like you - big dreams, big hearts, bold and scared, tentative and courageous, standing on the edge of something new and more challenging, longing to step up into it and feeling the s-t-r-e-t-c-h...

✨We do the deep inner work with you (it’s hugely practical, immediately applicable and irreversibly shifts things) so that you can step up to do the outer work that you care about in the world.

The program is powerful and women who join us experience awesome results.

‘You believed you could, so you did’

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Check out Confidence Cocktail and see if it resonates for you x Katy (and Fi)