From Holding Back to Stepping Up! Working Woman's Guide to CONFIDENCE

Do you ever have that lingering feeling that you have more to give, more potential that is longing to burst out….?

Do you recognise that you hold yourself back at times, perhaps worried about what others think about you, scared to go for what you really want in your life and work…? 

If you can relate to this, you are not alone!

These feelings are incredibly common in women, particularly if you are starting a new or more challenging role. 

The confidence gap, between who we want to be and who we feel able to be, means so much talent and potential remains locked inside us.

Imagine the impact on your family, your team, your business, your organization or company, and the wider world, if you felt able to step up.

Now more than ever, the world needs women to bring their whole self to the table!

We need you to:


·   Have your IDEAS ACCEPTED and RALLY SUPPORT for the initiatives you’re leading. 

·    Negotiate a promotion and pay rise on YOUR TERMS because you deserve to be paid just as much as your male colleagues.

·    Realise your dream of becoming a RESPECTED and sought-after leader in your organisation – we need your voice to be heard!

·    INSPIRE other women to step up and take their place in an increasingly complex and demanding world.

·    Find the STRENGTH + COURAGE to persevere in causes that are important to you, because they’re important to us too.

·    Be bold and BELIEVE in your ideas and your place at the table (less questioning yourself, less anxiety and more fun at work).

·    SPEAK OUT with courage about things that affect you, in your household, in your community, and in your organisations.

Sound good?

We coach 100s ofwomen every year and here are our top tip 

Confidence boosting strategies: 

  1. Listen to and understand your internal dialogue and how its shaping your thinking and therefore actions or inactions. What are you saying to yourself and what impact is this having?

  2. When you notice yourself experiencing a lack of confidence ask “do I have a limiting belief I need to take a look at … or is this opportunity simply not right for me?”

  3. Understand faulty thinking styles and don’t allow them to drive your action. 

  4. Leave your comfort zone – often! Doing this in small ways builds confidence to do it in bigger ways. Building confidence is about action. 

  5. Grow your growth mindset. Ditch perfectionism and fear of failure. Take risks, focus on the learning as well as the outcome. Recognise that struggling and failing are not bad outcomes.

  6. Grow your capacity for self compassion. This means extending the same kindness and tolerance to ourselves that we extend to those we really love and care about. 

  7. Stop ruminating and refocus on reflecting.

  8. Explore your joy. Do something everyday that you LOVE to do.  


Sound easy doesn’t it!? These practical tips make a massive difference AND we know that if it were that easy then the confidence gap wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t need this help.

In real life practical terms building our confidence means developing new habits, and new ways of thinking and working. This takes consistent small practice and some accountability to help us keep going and stay on track. 

Would you like help and support with shifting from holding back to stepping up?

You can find out more about our online group coaching programme, Confidence Cocktail -From Holding Back to Stepping Up HERE 

We go deep into your inner critic, dealing with fear, accessing your deeper courage and your awesome self compassion … so that you can step up even more into your ambitions, act on your dreams and have an amazing life!

Don’t just wait by the sideline, hoping that someone thinks of you next time they have a promotion or a high-profile project. Take the lead, ask for what you need and know how to nurture your confidence muscles.

We give you a step-by-step process to access the best, most courageous version of yourself in any situation. You'll develop your resilience to keep going and get back up with newly gained confidence.

You can see exactly what you’ll get inside the programme and gauge whether it’s a good fit for you HERE

Coaching prompts:

·      Which are the situations where you lack confidence? What impact is this having in your life? Your work? Your leadership?

·      Where do you hold back? 

·      What do you imagine you would be feeling and doing differently if you felt able to step up in the way you desire? 


Further resources: 


We are opening doors for our online women’s leadership programme Confidence Cocktail – from Holding Back to Stepping Up – NOW! The Programme starts on 12 November.

Come and join us! There’s more HERE


Each month we pick the juiciest topics, which come up again and again in our coaching with 100s of senior women, and we’re sharing powerful, tried-and-tested insights that will change your leadership and your life. So stay tuned!

Dealing with our inner critic, doubt and fear; imposter syndrome; getting more visible even when you hate networking; navigating systemic bias; authentic self-promotion; comparing, competing and collaborating with other women; ally-ship and role modelling.

These are all key pieces we teach on our women’s leadership programs that deliver awesome results. So if you follow along through the year it’s a free mini-training series with us. Be sure to join our community HERE to be the first to receive these free resources. You’ll be the first to hear about our future programmes, receive monthly tips, exclusive contentand resources straight to your inbox. 

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