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How To Train Your Brain so You Can Be at Your Best


Do you find yourself chewing over stuff that hasn’t gone well, in your head? Do you notice that you spend way more time beating yourself up, than cheering yourself on? Imagine how it would be if you could change the meaning that you give things, by changing the way you look at them. There are a handful of mental habits that can SUPERCHARGE your wellbeing. We usually only share this gold- dust with our 1-1 coaching clients. In this webinar we’ll be sharing them with you. You’ll learn how to beat rumination with positive reflection. We'll teach you how to reframe your thoughts. You’ll discover how to savour your positive experiences. You'll leave with a powerful toolkit of mental habits that you can use everyday. This stuff sounds simple but making these practices part of your life is truly transformational. 

If you cannot attend live you receive the recording 🙂