Calling Change Making Women Leaders!

Do you want space to explore what it means to be a positive, powerful, change making female leader? Are you curious about what is different for female leaders?

Do you sense that there are things in you AND in your workplace that hold you back? Do you want to lead with more courage, more clarity and more impact?

Our Catalyst Women Leaders programme helps you achieve this and much more!

This Program is tried and tested with 100s of women, and gets awesome results. 

We are accepting applications now, Join our VIP waitlist to be the first to hear more. 

Catalyst Women Leaders is an online version of our highly successful female leadership programme which we've run since 2013. The programme is designed by women for women and unapologetically explores what it means to be a female leader. You’ll explore how bias and social conditioning impacts female leaders, connecting with and extending your purpose, how to network authentically, how to increase your visibility, ally-ship and role modelling, and how to extend the impact of your leadership – whilst also experiencing more joy, space and fulfillment.

You’ll have a clearer vision, be aligned to your purpose and be reinvigoratedin your life and leadershipYou’ll create deep connections and be skilfully navigating and even shifting the workplace systems you’re in!


How does Catalyst Women Leaders Programme work?

We invite a small select group of awesome change making women from all over the world to learn together online in this programme. Each of you are leaders in your own context, making a difference in your own sphere of influence. You each desire challenge and support to boost your leadership and personal resilience.

Each month you receive resources to work through at your own pace and we connect for a live group coaching call.

We hold a brave and safe space for depth of connection and openness to grow. 

This programme combines the best of powerful group action learning, access to Katy and Fi’s insights and energy, plus the ease and accessibility of being online.

The results?

This Programme is tried and tested with 100s of women, and gets awesome results. 

Women who work with us in this way experience increased clarity, momentum, courage, energy and focus … and this leads to awesome results in your leadership! 

Here's exactly what you receive when you join Catalyst Women Leaders:

  • Individual on-boarding call with Katy or Fi to identify your priorities for the group coaching programme and set the scene for how the program works 

  • 6 x group coaching calls live with Katy and Fi and the group. We start with a ‘check in’, then a short and power-packaged input from Katy or Fi based on one of the catalyst women leadership themes (see below!), and then individual ‘air time’ on your learning from that month. We record the call and send you the recording if you can’t make it in person 

  • A change-making buddy allocated from the group for increased accountability and support 

  • Resource portal with 6 x monthly resources packs to deepen your learning from the monthly theme, including audios to listen to, film clips to watch, and articles to read, with exercises, experiments and meditations to practice and integrate in-between calls 

  • Special reduced price access to future Catalyst Collective retreats and programmes

Check out how the Catalyst Women Leaders experience is changing the lives of women just like you...

Fiona was a God-send for me! She understands the complex issues women face as leaders in the corporate world and through her warm, supportive and compassionate coaching, I have developed myself into a much more effective leader.
— Natasha
This work supports longer term transformation. I have felt heard, understood and validated. I am now much more intentional, assured and confident in my leadership
— Phillippa L
A safe space to bring my whole self - refreshing and necessary. I’m really excited to be adding some great strategies, tools and models to my toolkit, and to have the accountability through this programme to press forward in my learning and growth. Creating disciplines is not always easy, at least for me, but now I have some monthly rhythms which create momentum for me to work towards my goals!
— Leanne K

Catalyst Women Leaders Group Coaching Programme Themes*

•   You and your amazing potential: where are you at, where do you want to be, current frustrations, challenges, hopes, dreams and goals, thriving visualisation, current enablers and derailers

•   Living in your purpose: strengths, passion and purpose, what you love, where and who you desire to serve 

•   Your leadership identity: how it is formed, best future self, intersectional and multi role aspects  

•   You and your well-being: self-care, surviving vs thriving, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, relational resilience  

•   Getting visible: your brand, reputation and positive notoriety, presence and impact, WMD, voice, body, breath, authentic self-promotion and visibility 

•   Your reality check: systems you operate in your life, reality of unconscious bias and privilege, your experiences, research and data, navigating your systems with ease and impact, shifting your systems 

•   Your mind-set: your inner critic and inner mentor, growth mind-set 

•   Your network and wider circle: mapping and leveraging your network, engaging change makers and significant others in your life – boss, partner, team, family  

•   Allyship and role modelling  

•   Integration and power life planning: synthesising your learning, sustaining momentum, resilience and growth 

 *themes prioritised and selected by the group

Catalyst Women Leaders Group Coaching Programme Investment:

•           Investment is £x total which is £x per month 

•           You can choose to pay total upfront or 2 instalments each of

•           Let us know which option you would like 

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman

Hi we’re Katy and Fi, the founders of Catalyst Collective and creators of Catalyst Women Leaders.

We are passionate about resourcing smart, purpose driven, compassionate female leaders (that’s YOU!) to step up to new ways of leading with courage and resilience, and shift the systems you are in.

We have 20 years' experience of leading in the consulting, health, humanitarian and financial services sectors, and now run our own businesses as coaches, facilitators and organisational consultants. We've worked with 100s of women from 35 different countries.  

What other people say about working with Fi and Katy

Fi has a superb ability to listen empathetically whilst also helping you powerfully clarify your thinking. Through working with Fi I was able to formulate my personal leadership goals and ambition. This led me to have the confidence to make some bold but extremely rewarding and positive decisions in my career, and I will always be thankful to Fi for putting me on that path to greater self awareness and ambition.
Katy is a passionate, warm and inspiring person whom I hold in high regard. She helps me develop as a person, a woman and a leader. My time with Katy is utterly rewarding and based on complete trust. She challenges me to explore areas of my inner wisdom I’ve earlier been hesitant and shy to access. Katy coaches me with sensitivity, wisdom and a wonderful sense of humour. She has empowered me with tools to continue to build my self-esteem, and develop my leadership skills. With Katy’s support, I’m now playing bigger in all aspects of my life.
I needed encouragement to be brave in my own career and step out of my comfort zone. This work has helped me build confidence to take on the bigger opportunities, staying curious about others, and protect my work life balance. It’s helped me be a better leader to my team and those around me by setting higher expectations of collaboration and teamwork; being a change catalyst; taking initiative to problem solve, just to name a few.
Fiona was a God-send for me! She understands the complex issues women face as leaders in the corporate world and through her warm, supportive and compassionate coaching, I have developed myself into a much more effective leader.
I’ve changed as a person! I speak up more, I say what I’m thinking. I’m much clearer about where I want to go and what I need to do to get there.”

“The experience has been amazing. We’ve built such strong connections and trust and talked about things that really matter – I feel like I have remembered how to be me and how to bring all of me to work.”

“The programme has helped me make sense of my experiences of being a woman at work and find ways to do things differently. The group has been amazing – I’ve benefited so much from the advice, encouragement and support”

“Helped me understand that I’m not alone in my experience as a female leader and has given me a toolkit to tackle the issues that I’ve been facing at work.”

“The sense of connection in the group has allowed me to share what’s really going on and get coaching, support and advice from the group.”

“The sense that I’m not alone and that there are practical things that I can do to change my working experience and career direction has been incredible.”

“I’ve learnt to accept who I am as a person and this has given me the confidence to make bolder choices. The future feels really exciting.”

“Having access to a group of amazing women, each of whom has something to give and each of whom is a role model in their own way, has been incredible.”

”It’s the first time I’ve done something that has been about peer learning and that has felt incredible. The group has been so diverse and in addition to growing my leadership. I’ve grown my network.”

“It’s been amazing to have time with a group of women; there is real depth to the relationships that we have built which means we’ve been able to support and challenge each other on a completely different level.”

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman