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About Us

Katy + Fi


We believe the world is a better place where women's voices are heard and women’s wisdom is experienced.

We want to see a world where women can step up and lead with confidence, courage, clarity, ease and joy.

We met in 2016, when Katy was travelling long-haul every 2 weeks and Fi was only home for weekends. We were both close to burnout, our clients wanted more and we were passionate about making a bigger difference. So something had to change. We started talking about how we could unlock the magic of our 1:1 coaching and consultancy work to impact more women, while also valuing our own well-being and experiencing more ease and joy in our lives. We sensed our combined superpowers and diverse life experiences would create something special. Several proseccos later, we'd founded Catalyst Collective, birthed out of a shared deep passion and desire to equip and enable awesome women to change the world. 

As we are learning to take up space and shine brightly in each others' company, we are ambitious for you and give you permission to take up your space and shine brightly in your unique context. 

About Fiona

Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith

I am a creator, coach and change agent. My purpose is helping others to achieve their full potential. My passion is working with female leaders who have big dreams and want to step out and achieve them.

I’m an International Coaching Federation certified coach, and I’ve had the immense privilege of coaching more than 100 women to step up and shine more brightly in the world. I’ve designed transformational personal and leadership programs for some of the world’s best known businesses.  

I’ve worked at board level as an HR and Organisational Development Director, I’ve led big customer facing teams and held non-executive director positions. And, I get my biggest buzz out of walking alongside amazing women and helping them grow.

I do this work from the position of being a fellow human being on a journey to a life that is rich in purpose, impact, joy, happiness and health. Most of what I write, teach and work with is stuff that I am practising, experimenting and playing with in my own life. 

When you work with me you get warmth, curiosity, compassion and change.

I live in the stunning Orkney Islands in Scotland, UK with my husband. I love wild gardening, contemporary embroidery and weight lifting (yes…I know it’s an odd combination!).

More extroverted than I think I am 😊

About Katy

Katy Murray

Katy Murray

Facilitator, culture-shaper, and OD Geek.

20 years' experience leading teams, facilitating change and developing leaders, with commercial and non-profit clients in 35 countries.

Masters in Individual and Organisational Development from Westminster University, and Masters in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University.

INLPTA qualified coach.

Systemic thinker and See-er of the bigger picture. Bringer of challenge, elevated thinking and gentle mischief.  

Conference speaker and convenor. Writer. Award-winning programme designer.  

Showing up in service of your expansion and brilliance. Holding a safe and brave space for you to grow and thrive. Unpacking my own white privelege. Still curious about what really helps organisations shift on diversity and inclusion.

Happy to travel the world, happy to be home. Happiest enjoying outdoor adventures with my kids and making granola on rainier days (we live in the UK’s Lake District, so that’s a lot of granola).

Wisdom seeker. Inspiration sharer. Desiring to live a bright, abundant life in all its fullness.

More introverted than I think I am 😊

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