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Speaking + Events


Fi, Katy and other members of our team speak regularly at events, conferences and as guests on podcasts and panels.

Our audiences describe us as energising and engaging, bringing a powerful mix of intellect, research and practical wisdom.

Previous events include International Women’s Day, HR directors conference, business leaders’ masterclass, communications directors for venture capital portfolio companies, consortia learning event, development programme alumni events for high street bank, entrepreneur workshop.

Email to discuss how we can add value to your event.

We also host our own events for our Catalyst Collective community, reach out if you’d like to collaborate.

We knew bringing Katy on board was the best decision we had taken in the lead-up to our conference. Her positive and realistic attitude and her obvious familiarity with a multi-stakeholder event of this kind was not only comforting but also empowering. She made us consider the ultimate purpose of what we were doing, pushed us to aim higher and brought us back to earth when ambition got the better of us.



Changing the dialogue Part 1

Our conversation with Jeff Weigh covers saying yes, tuning into our purpose, practices we use to avoid burnout, what ‘good’ leadership looks like, challenges for women in the workplace, how bias plays out, how men and women can be part of co-creating something that works for everyone.


Changing the dialogue Part 2

We continued our discussion with Jeff Weigh focussing on our insight and research into the gender pay gap, shifting the focus of discussion and how do we re-define leadership, what are the themes we notice inside organisations.

We delve into comparison and competition in the workplace, who’s inspiring us right now and who our dream dinner guests would be!