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Inclusion Works

We’re Using the Wrong Bar to Measure Worker Success w/ Katy Murray and Fiona Smith

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Meat & Greet

Episode 5: In conversation with Catalyst Collective

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Perfect Imbalance

Changing the dialogue Part 1


Perfect Imbalance

Changing the dialogue Part 2



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Working Woman's Guide to Gender Bias and How to Beat It

Gender Bias exists like an invisible barrier that stops YOU reaching your potential.

Inside this free guide you'll learn:

• 10 ways gender bias plays out in your workplace

• 10 practical tips and strategies for what you can do about it

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Gender Pay Gap - What Next?


Having your company’s gender pay gap data isn’t enough. You need to understand what causes the pay gap and then do something about it!

This 10-step Action Plan gives you the roadmap to follow.

Inside this free report you’ll discover:

• The underlying CAUSES of the gender pay gap - it’s not just the ‘usual suspects’ of motherhood, negotiation and male bias
• How to use the data you’ve got to INFLUENCE change in your context
• Which ACTIONS make the biggest difference - what will waste your time and money, and what will really shift the dial

You’ll have a clearer intersectional analysis, as well as a robust set of action steps. Select the strategies that work for your context, so you can lead and influence powerful culture change with confidence!



we’re working on resources on ethnicity pay gap, inclusive leadership, inclusion and complexity, revisiting the business case for inclusion.

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