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 Rise Programme


Are you responsible for increasing female leadership talent in your organisation?

Our Rise programme is designed for women to both progress their careers and become inclusion culture shapers. The results are impressive – more women staying in and progressing up the talent pipeline AND feeling more engaged AND shaping the culture AND engaging men in the transformation process. You can find out more about the programme here. If you’re looking for a results based approach to turbocharge your talent pipeline in your organisation, we’d love to talk.


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Confidence Cocktail

From Holding Back to Stepping Up


Do you have that lingering feeling that you are holding yourself back, worried about what others think about you, scared to go for what you really want, in case you fail? Do you want to stop holding yourself back and start stepping up into your full and amazing potential? Confidence Cocktail is for you!

The confidence gap, between who we want to be and who we feel able to be, means so much talent and potential remains locked inside us. Confidence Cocktail gives the understanding and tools to permanently and irreversibly build your confidence. We’ll introduce you to your brain's amazing operating system and how this shapes your confidence, your inner critic and inner mentor, how you can adopt a powerful growth mindset, become more compassionate and stop mental habits which undermine your confidence. Women who've done this program with us get awesome results including promotions, new opportunities, feeling more productive, increased focus and more fun!

Our next program starts in November 2019. Sign up below to join the wait list.

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Catalyst Women Leaders

Dynamic online leadership program


Do you want space to explore what it means to be a positive, powerful, change making female leader? Are you curious about what is different for female leaders? Do you sense that there are things in you AND in your workplace that hold you back? Do you want to lead with more courage, more clarity and more impact? Our Catalyst Women Leaders program helps you achieve this and much more!

Catalyst Women Leaders is an online version of our highly successful female leadership program which we've run since 2013. The program is designed by women for women and unapologetically explores what it means to be a female leader. You’ll explore how bias and social conditioning impacts female leaders, connecting with and extending your purpose, how to network authentically, how to increase your visibility, ally-ship and role modelling, and how to extend the impact of your leadership – whilst also experiencing more joy, space and fulfillment.

Our next program starts in Autumn 2019. Join the wait list below.

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Inclusion Allies

Coming soon an on line program for men who want to support inclusion


Are you a man who wants to see true inclusion in your organisation, community and family? Do you want to do more but not sure what's the best next step?

Our Inclusion Allies program is designed to give you the tools you need to be a visible and effective ally to women. The program will give you insights into the real cost of inequality for you, your organisation, your community and for women. It will give you a powerful understanding of how bias and inequality plays out and most importantly the actions that you can take to become a powerful and effective voice in tackling it. We’ll be exploring unconscious bias, gendered leadership traits, micro inequalities, why we ‘bystand’ and lots more.  

Our first program will start in Autumn 2019. Sign up below to join the waiting list. Click here to explore running this program with a group inside your organisation.