Join us for our next working breakfast to:

  • identify best practice and learning from your journey to close the Gender Pay Gap 

  • hear the latest thinking and gain early access to Catalyst Collective’s revised Gender Pay Gap Report

  • discuss what comes next for your gender pay gap journey, especially the impacts of intersectionality and the potential implications of ethnicity pay gap reporting

As we approach the second year that organisations are required to publish their gender pay gap, it seems an opportune time to reflect on the practical ways that we can address the gender pay gap and the things that we know work to create more inclusive organisations.  

We appreciate that many of you are still learning and we wanted to share a practical guide for how to address your gender pay gap in a pragmatic and workable way.  

Fundamentally we know that the data is only part of the journey and numbers alone are not sufficient.  It’s vital that organisations understand the root causes of the pay gaps in their workplace, and develop practical ways to lessen their impacts.

Moving beyond the numbers, Catalyst Collective has drawn together best practice, research, and years of experiential data from hundreds of senior female leaders and role models, of what actually works to shift the dial.

We’re curious how we can apply these lessons into tackling the Ethnicity Pay Gap and we’d love your input into the conversation.

We’re excited for you to join us!

Date: 25 April 2019, 8am to 10.30am Location: central London tbc

Hi we’re Roianne Nedd, Founder of Rocaro Consulting, and Katy Murray and Fiona Smith, the founders of Catalyst Collective.

We’re passionate about equipping diversity and inclusion leaders to create more inclusive organisations. We created the Gender Pay Gap - What Next? report to provide organisations with practical strategies that make a real difference. We’re partnering to create an equivalent toolkit for tackling the ethnicity pay gap.

We’ve each 20 years’ experience in senior leadership, OD consulting, D+I consulting and facilitation. We’ve worked across public, private and non-profit sectors.

We look forward to meeting you and continuing this important conversation together.