Calling all OD practitioners, leadership development facilitators and coaches!

Join us for a deeper dive into diversity, identity, inclusion and privilege.

How do we integrate these concepts into our OD, leadership development and coaching practice?

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Here's what we'll explore together:

  • our own identity, biases, assumptions and fragility, and how they show up in our practice

  • what privileges and benefits we each carry, and shifting from shame and guilt, to actively leveraging our privilege for positive change

  • how our blindspots can collude with our client systems and prevent the transformational change we seek to be part of

  • who we’re learning from and where to go for further support and resources

As always, we’ll base the workshop on robust research, real consulting practice and our own learned-and-lived experiences on the journey.


Is this you?

You’re an experienced OD consultant, leadership development facilitator and/or coach and you:

  • are struggling with your place in the diversity and inclusion conversation

  • secretly wish this whole conversation would go away but at your most compassionate self know you need to start engaging

  • feel a bit clumsy or confused with all the language and nervous of saying the wrong thing, offending someone, or worse, appearing ignorant about these topics

  • are waking up to your blindspots and may be experiencing shame, guilt and fear

  • believe you’re not sexist or racist, you treat everyone with respect and your’e wondering why that isn’t enough

  • feel sadness and anger at the consequences of exclusion but you don’t yet know what to do about it

  • would like to integrate your growing awareness of bias, privilege and fragility into your consulting practice

  • want to feel more agile with inclusion topics, calling out behaviours and challenging with compassion and skill

  • are curious about what it means to be an ally

  • are starting to see the links between your own practice and systems and structures… you want to play your part, you’re just not sure how

  • want to help your clients be more inclusive in their leadership and organisational culture

if so, then this event is for you!

You’ll leave feeling confident and empowered to participate in these conversations, and integrate a deeper awareness, fluidity and sensitivity into your coaching and consulting practice.

As always, we’ll base our input on robust research and consulting practice and our learned-and-lived experiences on the journey.

Join us!

The #metoo movement, black lives matter, gender and ethnicity pay gaps, increasing millenials in the workforce are all changing the face of organisations.

Disengaging is no longer optional. It’s imperative that our practice is inclusive.

We believe that as OD practitioners, consultants and coaches, we’ve a key role to play to equip our clients to develop the kind of leadership that’s necessary to thrive in today’s complex world. (And yes, there’s a huge connection between leveraging diversity and dealing with complexity…)

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman

Hi we’re Katy and Fi, the founders of Catalyst Collective, and we’re delighted to partner with Satwant Kaur for this work. We’re passionate about resourcing change agents (that’s YOU!) to create a more inclusive world.

We’ve each 20 years' experience of senior leadership, consulting and facilitation, across 35 different countries and multiple sectors. We’re walking our own journeys to unpack our privilege, navigate and re-create the systems we find ourselves in, and show up as the best versions of ourselves, while elevating others, in our daily practice.

We create brave space for our peers to explore these topics and deepen our awareness together.

What others say about working with Catalyst Collective

Fabulous powerful session. Really thought provoking. Thank you!
I can now see positive ways to navigate inclusion. I feel really inspired about changing my practice.
Thank you for an inspiring session and your energy.
I’ve become much more aware of how my own unconscious bias is shaping my practice
The metaphors that you use are powerful and it’s a relief to have that to make sense of the struggle.

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman