Monthly How To Webinars

are monthly online teaching and coaching sessions with katy + Fi from Catalyst Collective.

we deep dive into a topic. we explore ‘how to’.

no fluff. just pure top tips and ‘how to’ strategies that get results.

pick the ones that most appeal and pay-as-you-go, or buy the whole series.

These Bitesize How-To Sessions are tried and tested with 100s of women we’ve coached, packed full of immediately applicable tips and strategies, that we know get awesome results. 

1st How-To session starts in March and we run monthly throughout 2019.

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Topics include How To:

  • beat overwhelm, feel spacious and get more done

  • train your brain so you can be at your best

  • get out of a rut and make your life happier

  • get visible without feeling like a fraud

  • stop being a people pleaser

  • create a career plan that gives you the life you want to lead

  • grow your network without it feeling fake

  • smash an interview and get the job you really want

Here’s exactly what you get with each ‘How To’ session

  • 1 hour live coaching and teaching session with Katy and Fi

  • downloadable guide including diagnostics, coaching prompts and further resources

  • recording of the How To session shared with you afterwards, so you can keep learning from the material

we base each how-to session on robust research, combined with our experience of coaching 100s of women, plus our own learned-and-lived experiences.

expect power packed sessions, no fluff. they may be bitesized but they are meaty.

What’s the investment?

Join each ‘How To’ for £30 or buy all 8 ‘How To’ s during 2019 for £210 (a saving of £30)

When you buy all 8 How To sessions you also receive a bonus session ‘How to be an inclusive leader’

If you’re stepping up into a new role, juggling multiple priorities and desiring a regular, super-accessible and practical injection for your professional development then THIS IS FOR YOU!

Check out how the How-To material is changing the lives of women just like you...

Natasha Headshot Final.png
You understand the complex issues women face as leaders in the corporate world and through your warm, supportive and compassionate coaching, I have developed myself into a much more effective leader.
— Natasha, Strategic Manager
Emma N Headshot.png
I now have the confidence to make some bold and extremely rewarding and positive decisions in my career and I’ll always be thankful to you for putting me on that path to greater self-awareness and ambition.
— Emma, Director & Entrepreneur

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman

Hi we’re Katy and Fi, the founders of Catalyst Collective and creators of the How-To series. We are passionate about helping female leaders step up in the world, live the lives they most want to live, and skilfully navigate the systems they’re in.

We have 20 years' experience of leading, coaching and facilitating in the consulting, health, humanitarian and financial services sectors. We've worked with 100s of women from 35 different countries.  

We believe that the world needs purpose driven, compassionate, change making leaders (that’s YOU!) to step up to new ways of leading with confidence, resilience and courage, and we want to help resource you to do that!

What other people say about working with Fi and Katy

Katy is a passionate, warm and inspiring person whom I hold in high regard. She helps me develop as a person, a woman and a leader. My time with Katy is utterly rewarding and based on complete trust. She challenges me to explore areas of my inner wisdom I’ve earlier been hesitant and shy to access. Katy coaches me with sensitivity, wisdom and a wonderful sense of humour. She has empowered me with tools to continue to build my self-esteem, and develop my leadership skills. With Katy’s support, I’m now playing bigger in all aspects of my life.
Fi has a superb ability to listen empathetically whilst also helping you powerfully clarify your thinking. Through working with Fi I was able to formulate my personal leadership goals and ambition. This led me to have the confidence to make some bold but extremely rewarding and positive decisions in my career, and I will always be thankful to Fi for putting me on that path to greater self awareness and ambition.
I needed encouragement to be brave in my own career and step out of my comfort zone. This work has helped me build confidence to take on the bigger opportunities, staying curious about others, and protect my work life balance. It’s helped me be a better leader to my team and those around me by setting higher expectations of collaboration and teamwork; being a change catalyst; taking initiative to problem solve, just to name a few.

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman