Welcome to the Catalyst Collective Gathering!

Join us for an Unconference.

No over-scheduling. No packed content.

Time to talk with others, time to be alone, time to be refreshed.

Permission to show up as you. Permission to leave transformed.

We co-create the content together. You’ll leave with your needs met: feeling renewed, buzzing with energy and ideas, breathing deeper. 

Are You In?

 GREAT! …. because it would not be the same without you :)

What is the Catalyst Collective Gathering?

Part think-tank, part group supervision, part action learning, part business incubator, part retreat, part cheerleading.

The Gathering is a S P A C E for what you need it to be - bring your own content! 

We convene the space and shape the time to meet your needs - the experience is collaborative, empowering and relational. No powerpoints :)

What can you expect from the Gathering?

Time with like-minded women in an intimate and uplifting space. You’ll receive an abundance of energy, renewed clarity, focus and momentum to live the life you most want to live. 

If you've a big dream, the Gathering will help you shape and move towards it. 

If you're pushing into new things, you’ll receive a boost to keep going and a realignment to stay the course. 

If you’re experiencing transition and challenge, you’ll receive what you need to recharge and persist. 

Join our Guest List and you'll be the first to know the event details!

We’re so excited for you to join us!

Image credits: Russell Colman

Image credits: Russell Colman

Hi we’re Katy and Fi, the founders of Catalyst Collective. We’re passionate about resourcing smart, world-changing women (that’s YOU!) to light up your corner of the world.

We’re creating an impactful and heart-centred business, founded on values of collaboration, boldness and expansive generosity. In a world where we’re socialised as women to compare, compete or collude, we’re giving you permission to choose a fresh way.

We create energising and empowering space for you to thrive. We invite you to take up your space in the world, amplify your voice and shine brightly.

We’ll be recreating this kind of magic at the Catalyst Collective Gathering:

Thank you for holding the space for me, asking me challenging and loving questions, and enabling me to say some things that I’ve wanted to get out of me for a long while. A small yet transformative step. Thank you”

”I always leave with positivity, wisdom and perspective!”

”The session I came to was fab and I want to do more.”

”I’m still tapping into joy and wisdom from our time together last week.”

”This is such an empowering group experience.”

”There is so much energy in this room!