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Partnering with you to shift the dial on diversity and inclusion inside your organisation


This is what we know

You want to shift the dial on diversity in your organisation. You aren’t interested in tick box approaches that don’t deliver meaningful, positive change. You want to do the things that will make a real difference for your people and your organisation (and you’d like to change the world). You want to see a genuinely inclusive and diverse culture.  You are up for doing the work that will make a real difference. You know that the work is messy and complex and maybe even overwhelming. You need help to know where to begin, what to do and how to get the results that you want to see.  

We love what you are doing in the world, and we are here to help you!

We bring 20 years of hands on, practical, results orientated experience.  We understand what it takes to shift organisational systems. We know how to build inclusive leadership capacity. We know what works and what doesn’t. We appreciate that every context is different and we listen to what you want and what you need.

Not quite sure where to start? Curious about how we can help you?

Power Hour

Book our brains for a high impact session


We are often asked if we can meet for coffee, jump on a quick call for some advice or if people can ‘pick our brain’. Well now you can! The Power Hour is a high impact virtual focussed session with Katy or Fi

You can achieve so much in an hour! Our clients use power hours to stand back from their organisational work and get fresh perspectives and renewed energy. During the Power Hour you can pick our brains on things that feel stuck and work out how to get them unstuck, bounce ideas to access your best creative thinking and get access to our insights.

You’ll leave with energy, inspiration and momentum to help keep on track.

Time Out

4 hours to ‘jam’ creatively on your most pressing topics and challenges


Struggling with how to engage your senior team? Need to run a D+I audit? Need to scope a women’s talent intervention? Want to explore how to engage minority represented groups? Feeling stuck and need some fresh thinking?

Take Time Out to step away from your day to day business and access our best thinking on your issues. We go deep and wide, we provide rigour, fresh perspective, critical friend,  we walk and talk. You’ll return to your change-making refreshed, re-energised, reinvigorated to lead at your best. These sessions are fast paced, action oriented and have a purposeful, creative and fun feel!

Location: Virtual or face-to-face in London, Edinburgh or Lake District UK


1 or 2 days full immersion session


We dig into your strategies, your intentions, your desired outcomes and your ambitions for the cultural changes that you are leading. We’ll get messy with the complex realities you are dealing with. We map the mess, pull out the key themes, explore stakeholder engagement strategies, plan what can be planned and identify what is still unknown.

This might sound easy – it’s not. It’s hard, and goes deep and your brain will hurt. AND it’s inspirational, fun and energising, and you will grow and expand, and leave with a clear and robust roadmap of what to do next that will deliver results. And perhaps more importantly, a skip in your step.

You get access to our expertise, experience and knowledge of what really shifts the dial, access to our full tool kit, case studies, summarised current research, what works and what doesn’t.

Location: Virtual or face to face using beautiful spaces in London, Edinburgh or Lake District UK


Regular sessions over time for sustained impact


Doing diversity and inclusion work feel challenging and tough and quite frankly lonely at times. We provide a regular touch point to support and resource you to do your best work. Its part mentoring, part coaching, part consulting and part supervision.

Let's Talk!


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